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    Do you know what to do if you get in an accident? Here are some important tips to follow:

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    Do get help

    The first move in any traffic accident is to assess whether you or others are injured. Call 911 to get immediate medical help for anyone who is hurt and to make sure your crash has been promptly reported to a law enforcement agency.

    Do document the accident scene

    Before they are towed away, take photos of the exterior and interior of all vehicles involved. You should also get photos of the vehicle license plates, skid marks, broken glass, nearby traffic controls and the surrounding area. Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver(s) involved in the crash. Get witness names and contact information as well.


    Do get a copy of crash report

    Write down the name, badge number and agency of the law enforcement officer who responds to your crash and prepares the traffic crash report. Also, make sure to get the report number. You should be able to contact the law enforcement agency within a day or two after the crash and request a copy of the report. For instance, if the Chicago Police Department prepared your crash report, you can simply go online and get a copy.


    Don't forget to file a written report

    If you have been involved in a “reportable accident” – one resulting in death, bodily injury or property damage of $1,500 or more ($500 or more if the vehicle is uninsured, you have a legal duty to file a written report with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) within 10 days after the accident. You can use a paper form that the responding police officer gives you or you can go online to the Illinois Department Of Transportation IDOT website.


    Do cooperate with your insurance company

    Although you are not required by law to report your accident to your auto insurance provider, your policy likely requires it. The best practice is to report the accident to your insurer as soon as possible. Your insurer may ask you to provide a statement. Be careful. Do not admit or assign fault.

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    Don't help the other driver's insurance company

    If another driver’s insurance company contacts you, be polite – but be cautious. Tell the insurer to contact your insurance company. Never provide a recorded statement. Never sign anything.


    Report a Claim

    Online Claim 

    Some companies allow you to report your claim online. Keep your policy number and police report handy.

    Report by Phone

    Call your company directly to report your claim. Please keep your policy number and police report handy.

    American Alliance Insurance (847) 916-3200

    American Freedom Insurance (847) 758-9300

    American Heartland Insurance (800) 831-8330

    Direct Auto Insurance Company (312) 568-4500

    Apollo Casualty Insurance (847) 635-5600

    Dairyland Insurance (800) 526-4252

    Direct Auto Insurance (312) 568-4500

    Falcon Insurance Company (800) 929-3252

    First Chicago Insurance Company (888) 262-8864

    Founders Insurance (847) 768-0040

    Lighthouse Casualty Insurance (855) 235-1522

    Safeway Insurance (630) 887-8300

    United Equitable Insurance (800) 831-8330

    Unique Insurance (773) 299-7500

    Don’t know your company?
    No worries. Call us at 844-508-1234. We’re here to help.

    Don’t know your company?

    No worries. Call us at 844-508-1234. We’re here to help.

    Free Auto Insurance Quote in 2 Minutes!

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